step 3 page lady labels: 50 better three-letter names

step 3 page lady labels: 50 better three-letter names


Whether you have an extended surname or simply want to keep anything easy, a short and you can sweet female name’s amazing and you can classic – let-alone simple to pronounce, spell and you can create. Or perhaps you happen to be checking for a cute middle identity to own your own absolutely nothing King?

?1 ADAThis lovely name is of Italian language supply and you will function “good, form.” Well-known Adas tend to be Ada Nicodemou and you will Ada Maris.

dos ALIA dogs version of Alexandra, meaning “defender of mankind.” And additionally small to have Alison. Famous Ali’s were stars Ali McGraw and Ali Larter, and you can comedian Ali Wong.

step three AMYAmy are a beneficial Latin label definition “precious.” Greatest Amy’s are actresses Amy Poehler and you will Amy Adams, and you may late musician Amy Winehouse.

cuatro ANNAnn, are a kind of the Latin lady provided label Anna. This in turn was an expression of the Hebrew Hannah, which means that ‘favour’ otherwise ‘grace.’ Popular Ann’s become celebrity Anne Hathaway and you may Ann Margret, diarist Anne Frank and you can blogger Anne Bronte.

5 AVAThis common title have a tendency to renders top ten lists. It may be regarding Latin « avis, » meaning « bird. » It may also be a primary form of title Chava (« life » otherwise « life style one »), the brand new Hebrew particular Eve. Famous Ava’s were celebrity Ava Gardner. Continue reading « step 3 page lady labels: 50 better three-letter names »